Audio / Video / Network Design

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AleXavior Studios Design Services.
 This service also requires the purchace of a site survey.  
(For Baltimore area.  Extended areas may require a trip fee. ) 
For the most efficient installation you should have a plan.  Our Design Service helps avoid missing parts and cables.  It considers spacing, function, control and maintenance of your equipment.  Overall, the design creates and actionable plan to make your installation run much more smoothly. 
System Design Includes:
1. Discuss customer’s video/audio/networking needs and expectations (Flat Panel, Projection, 
Speakers, Video Conferencing,  Universal Remote, etc)
2. Determine the function of current TVs, Computers, Routers, Mixers and Applifiers and other component types and sizes fore each room or application.
3. Network layouts and/ or configuration map.
4. System equipment recommendations
5. Shopping List
This service also requires the purchace of a site survey.  
• Items that may be connected to TV include (3) components (Computer, DVD, DVR, Game Systems, Audio 
receiver and Speakers, Amplifier.
• Labor to perform these installations is not defined by a set timeframe but it is expected that the 
installation will include all necessary time to unpack, set-up, clean and educate the customer on all items 
involved with the new home theater system.
• Home Theater Installations as described and priced, includes a single room that:
Have adequate access to standard frame walls.
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