With WebMaster PLUS we’ll handle all your website maintenance and send you a detailed Report each month.
Service includes:

Site Backups To help support your Website's Health and Security, we’ll create file and database backups that we can quickly restore in case of a glitch or data breech.* 

Updates – Security updates, software updates** 

Password Maintenance 
For the best security your passwords will regularly be updated. We will then supply you with the updated password list. 

Up to 20 page updates per month*** 

5 User Account changes per month***

WebMaster Plus services are only offered for websites created by AleXavior Studios 

* Contractually you are still responsible for your hosted Web Site security and you agree to hold harmless AleXavior Studios and its associates in the event of a major infiltration resulting in extended website downtime and or loss of business. 

** Does NOT include fees for license renewals or upgrades. 

*** The number of Page Updates and User Account Changes will NOT carry over. This service includes a maximum of 10 page updates with your content per month with your supplied content. Additional pages must be ordered through the Website Maintenance page. Does NOT include new page additions. For major website overhaul should be discussed with your service manager.  Also See Terms and Conditions